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Made with a base of fresh organic juice or choice of milk with frozen fruit, no ice
Mango Sunshine
mango, peach, fresh OJ
Mintberry Fields
strawberry, fresh pineapple juice, mint leaves
Berry Berry Good
berry mix, hemp milk
Peach Berry
peach, strawberry, banana, rice milk
Bright Banana
banana, mango, fresh pineapple + lime
strawberry, banana, fresh apple juice
The Monkey
banana, rice milk
The Buddha
fresh carrot juice, greek yourt, dark chocolate chips, peanut butter
Green Mango
mango, banana, coconut oil, lime, ginger, spirulina, fresh pineapple juice
Holy Hempanana
banana, strawberry, Holy KaKow Mocha, hemp milk


Daily rotation of organic produce
is used in our juices
Jolly Green Ginger
apple, mint, ginger
Beta OJ
orange, carrot, ginger
Curious Q
apple, cucumber, mint, lime
Go Green
kale, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger, spinach
Super C
orange, pineapple, lemon, ginger
I'm Beet
apple, beet, carrot, lemon, ginger
A Hot Mess
carrot, orange, beet, jalapeno, lime, garlic


(is gluten free)
Lemon Ginger
with or w/o cayenne (but you should probably add the cayenne)


We use Organic Espresso
and Decaf beans from Zoka

All drinks have 2 shots.
Extra shot, syrup or soy add $0.50
We also have hemp, almond & rice milk!
House Special
condensed milk, steamed milk, espresso
White Chocolate
Espresso Solo
Espresso Doppio
Drip Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Hot Tea