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about us

About Alki Juice and Java

Located in West Seattle, we are across the street from the West Seattle Water Taxi and Alki Kayak Tours. We can't imagine a better day than hydrating with a big glass of our fresh juice after going out on the Sound on a paddle board!

Where Does Our Produce Come From?

We have a set menu, but to keep an eye on our carbon footprint, you'll also notice that we adjust the types of fruit we use. For example, we usually rely on Granny Smith apples in our recipes, but then use Gala Red apples in the summer to avoid using Granny Smith apples imported all the way from places like New Zealand in the spring-summer. It's all yummy, but this means the flavor of some drinks will change a little throughout the year.

We try to support vendors who support local farmers. Our produce primarily comes from West Seattle Product, who aims to source locally. Please check out their website: westseattleproduct.com

Where Does Our Coffee Come From?

We currently use Raven's Brew organic beans. You can visit their website for more information: ravensbrew.com

For the drip and the espresso we currently use the dark roasted Three Peckered Billy Goat - read about it here: ravensbrew.com/goat.html

For the decaf espresso we currently use their medium roasted water processed decaf House Blend.